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We specialize in making small spaces... BIGGER


We love the uniqueness of each client and each project

From the tip of the roof to the foundation, Jevi's Contracting is all about building things the right way.  Not only can we build brand new homes, but we specialize in Renovations of Older Homes and Smaller Space Homes; we build Detached Garages and recently,  our interest has turned to Laneway Suites.

We work with our clients from start to finish on projects, from permits to the design to the end product.  Our goal is to make every project run smoothly and simply put, make our clients happy.

"It may be your idea; it may not pass code; but we can get pretty darn close and we'll do our best to make it work."

Renovations can be exciting and extremely stressful.  Its really important that you choose the company that understands your vision and is clear about the cost in making your vision a reality. At Jevi's Contracting, we try to make the Renovation process go as quickly as possible while maintaining good quality product results.  We firmly believe in "clicking" with our clients so that we create something together.  Our team of professionals will take you from start to finish.

Can you turn your battered, old garage into a Toronto laneway house with rental income?  Perhaps you have in-laws that you'd love to keep close, but not that close. Or maybe, you'd like to live somewhere and rent out your own house?  

 If you own a property that backs or sides onto a public lane, then you are in luck.

We also offer Detached Garage services.

Get in touch with us.  We can help make it happen.


or just, BUILD NEW...

We have the know-how you need.

Your vision needs to be our vision.  That's our motto.  Building a new home, or garage or shed... New doesn't necessarily mean modern.  It can be modern, traditional, or country living, its your choice.  JEvi's Contracting Inc. uses respected equipment brands and trusted material and service providers and we strive to have clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job at every phase.



Tel. 647.291.5151

Serving East York, York, and Toronto





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