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We'll work with you to build a laneway suite that will  add value to your home.  

Each property is unique.  We have designed some examples of laneway suites to help you visualize how to work with small spaces. however, we will design plans according to your individual needs and lot requirements.

18 ft x 16 ft  
Above the Garage LanewaySuite

This model has 296 sq ft of living space located above the garage.  It is equipped with laundry, full kitchen, a family room, three piece washroom and good sized bedroom. This is a great idea for those who do not want to encroach too much into the backyard, and keep the full use of their garage.  

This plan is shown below with stairs inside the structure as well.

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18 ft x 16 ft  (stairs inside)
Above the Garage LanewaySuite

This example has 216 sq ft of living space located above the garage. This plan maintains a one car garage space for parking.  Utility room, laundry and closet for coats etc. are located on the ground floor.

We have included a separate entrance and exit for the homeowner to access the garage from their yard and a separate entrance for the tenant  shown in the illustration.

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Upper Floor

Entrance for tenant

Exit from Garage for Homeowner

Utility Room



1 Car Garage for with exit under stairs

18 ft x 25.10 ft -
2 bedroom
Above the Garage LanewaySuite

This idea,  has 2 medium-sized bedrooms. It can be located above the garage  however, plans can adjust to the lot size.  This unit has made use of its space while still accommodating 2 good sized bedrooms.

Don't forget! If the lot size permits, you can cantilever over the garage for extra space.

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Converting a 13 - 17 ft wide Garage to a 1 bedroom Granny Flat

This is an example of a floorpan we designed for those who may have for example, a 25 ft  wide lot and would prefer to keep  a one car garage.  The 13 ft wide x 24 ft long granny flat could be built:

  1. alongside the garage instead of above

  2. for those who would prefer not to build across the complete width of their lot and would like to leave access to their laneway, this  might work

  3. Could travel the width of the property but doesn't penetrate the backyard space because its only 13 ft deep.  

This plan definitely works as a unit above the garage as well.  Stairs would be located on the outside of the garage and upwards to the entrance.