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We take our projects seriously.  
We offer in-house design and our team of specialists and trades.  
We'll work with you to build a laneway house or garden suite that will  add value to your home.  

This two-storey laneway house was close to 1000 sq. ft as a 16' x 30' footprint.  Included one bedroom, kitchen, two washrooms, family room and eating area. Our client chose to maintain the main floor as living space rather than as a garage.   We allowed for a parking spot on the front parking pad.

900 sq ft of laneway house in our client's backyard.

Laneway House on Greenwood Ave.

Two - storey laneway house on Greenwood Ave.

Backyard view of laneway house.

We hear quite a few ideas about how to use Laneway housing and Garden Suites from our clients.  Rental Income being the driving force for most.  Others talk about a space to have their parents close or grown kids.  


With the cost of housing these days, it almost makes more sense to stay in your own home and spend the money on adding to your property vs. moving. 

Talk to us about your Laneway House ideas or project.  Contact Us for a free consultation.

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