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Making small spaces... bigger.

Check out our Gallery to see some of our latest work.

We absolutely love this scope of work.  For years now, we have worked on projects in East York and enjoyed  every minute of it.  We have a knack for finding ways to use small spaces such as opening a wall to recreate spaces in a new way; adding storage under the stairs, finding the space for a powder room on the main floor , inserting a breakfast nook where there wasn't room for one before.  Each project is unique.  

Additions are a wonderful way to increase your space and add value to your home.   Options like adding another floor or an addition to the back  can provide the space you need.  Many of the homes in East York are built quite close to the neighbouring properties so designing a home addition and maximizing light is important. Skylights vs. fire-rated windows, and where the bedrooms will sit are important - how to get four bedrooms vs. three into your space without missing an ensuite and main washroom on the second floor.  These are the variables that we take into account when helping our clients design their space.

Cost is also an important factor. We understand that each client's financial situation is different from the next.  We do try to work within our client's budget as costs can tend to add up through the process of the build.

If you are interested in adding an addition to your home, please Contact Us and we'd be happy to come to and speak with you about your potential project.

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