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It doesn't need to be that expensive and you can make a rental income... why not?

                     Eve, Owner




We make Laneway Housing and Garage Apartments affordable and worth your investment

If your lot size is more than 12 ft wide and you back or side onto a laneway in East York and most areas of Downtown Toronto, you may be eligible for a Laneway Suite/ Garage Apartment.  Yes! Right in your backyard.  Why not make use of that battered old garage?

JEVI'S CONTRACTING INC. can help make your existing garage or backyard shed into a rental unit or even a place for you to live while you rent out your  own home... 

It can be small, pretty and functional...

                     Eve, Owner

If you live in  core of GTA, you may have heard about laneway housing, or garden suites.  It's a hot topic of conversation among the building boomers and investors.  Newspapers have written articles and architectural firms have splashed pictures of awesome looking and very modern laneway houses across their sites. It's the new thing. Much of this is thanks to the city of Toronto councillors along with large companies like Landscape and Evergreene who have hauled their weight in pushing the city to allow laneway housing and making the permit process easier. 

the National Post

Look at this Garden Suite.  
You won't believe what it looks like on the inside.

This is an example of a garden suite in Vancouver, BC. Toronto is about to boom in garden suites. Take a look at the layout below. It may be difficult to visualize a home so small from imagination alone, however, it's possible and it can feel like home if done the right way.  


When considering a laneway suite addition to your property you must note, there are restrictions set out by the city for your safety and for the person or people living there.  Building the laneway suite means applying for permits, following guidelines.  There are setbacks and Building Code rules  but its not that bad.  The permit process has been made easier and if you stick to the rules, you can create something incredible and reap the rewards.

Courtesy of City of Toronto, Changing Lanes Summary Criteria

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This is a simplified visual explanation of the setbacks and guidelines set out by the city of Toronto for a Laneway suite.

Laneway Suites or secondary Suites can be located above the garage, or, the garage can be converted to a one-level suite.


Getting the permits and building the Laneway 

Suite can seem daunting for some. Our team of professionals at JEVI'S CONTRACTING, will guide you through the process from the drawings to the permits to the build and even have it rented for you when all is said and done. 

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So the question is, why would anyone want to have a laneway or garden suite?  Why invest the money? The most obvious answer is simple, Rental INCOME. Rental rates have skyrocketed in Ontario and all across Canada. The majority of the population cannot afford a house or can't get a mortgage. So they rent.  The extreme increase in rental rates has made owning a rental suite an enticing idea.  Fixing your garage either by renovating the existing garage and making it into a granny flat, or adding a second story to your garage may bring more than $1700 per month  for a one bedroom and a two bedroom could bring up to $2500 per month!

Another reason people look at building laneway suites/garage apartments is for themselves. We have heard from people who want to live in their laneway suite while renting out their homes.  Singles, Couples with no kids or couples whose kids are grown up and gone... renting out their house downtown can bring a minimum of $3500 per month in rent. This is a great option for seniors who dont need all that space and could use the monthly income.

We have also heard a number of inquires about garden suites for in-laws, parents or family members.

Granny Flats aren't just

for Grannies



Jevis Contracting and our team of professionals are dedicated to working with our clients and keeping it real.  We understand the concept of money, budget,  and affordability.  We work with the every day people and we understand that to undertake such a project is not cheap.   

"Sometimes what our clients want is not within their budget.  But we do try to come up with other options to get them as close as possible.  We don't just walk away...."

                         JEVI'S CONTRACTING INC.

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