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Granny Flats

Jevis Contracting Inc. is a leading construction company specializing in reform, construction, interior design and decoration. We are specialists offering our clients a comprehensive solution starting from the planning and interior design phase to completion. Our work covers a wide range of renovation and new construction projects, including secondary suites and granny flats on the Danforth and East York.

Request a Quote for Granny Flats

A granny flat is a single-family home, and the acquisition and construction of granny flats away from the city has become an investment that more and more people are opting for.  Jevis Contracting Inc. offers a comprehensive solution to all the needs of constructing granny flats – right from the project design to the completion and delivery. We handle all the procedures necessaryto turn your dream into reality. Ourhighly-qualified personnelcarry out renovations of old garages, and, of course, to work on new building projects, etc. 


We are also at the forefront of interior design in East York, decorating interiors in all kinds of styles, from classic to current interior design trends. We aim to satisfy our clients with our work, and we are pleased to be able to deliver what they asked for. Contact us today to request a quote!

Why Hire Us?

If you can dream it, we can build it.


We listen to,and understand the dreams of our clients, and aim to give them what they ask.

Present from the beginning of the project, we work through all the phases for granny flats or secondary suite, always keeping the client updated.


We are committed to a new way of building, in which you can be the protagonist. Sticking with you from start to finish, Jevis Contracting Inc., carries out well-thought out plans to the best of their team’s ability. Our extensive design catalog, combined with construction methods and qualified personnel, make for satisfied, return clients.


At Jevis Contracting Inc., we aspire to continue improving in all aspects to offer quality and service for many more years to come.

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