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Garage Apartments Builders in East York, Toronto

An unused garage can be transformed into an apartment, allowing the homeownertoreap the benefits it brings. You can rent it out, or if you convert the garage at your parents' home, you can have your first apartment there - without having to spend too much.


Creating garage apartments in East York is not such a crazy idea. And, it’s an excellent way to create a home ina space intended for several functions. This works even better if you have a detached garage. Of course, your garage apartment won’t be big, but it will be cozy enough for you tolive comfortably. 


At JevisContracting,our exclusive design process helps transform garages intodetached garage apartments, the way the clients want it. We advise you from the very beginning sothat you make the most of the space available. Our team comprises of talented,unrivaled architects, site managers, interior designers, bricklayers, plumbers,painters, managers, and consultants.


Our team workstogether as one. And since we are all involved in the same project from start to finish, it lets us provide the client with remarkable results.

We Take Care of Our Clients

Jevis Contracting Inc., has been providing solutions in Toronto, East York, the West End, North York,and North Toronto, for a while, and hasprovided satisfactory solutions to earn the trust of many clients. The foundation of our success lies in the dedication, experience, and professionalism of our team. If a garage apartment is in your plans for the future, call us today so we can help turn your dream into a reality.

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