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What is the minimum width of a lot, side to side, that would allow for a laneway suite?

The minimum width would be approximately 13 ft wide.  This allows for setbacks and this is without looking at your property.

Can I build a two- storey garage apartment/laneway suit?

Yes, you can have a two-storey suite.  For example, if the lot size and dimensions allow, you can either keep your garage and build a suite above the garage, or convert the garage into a two-level suite.  Be mindful that there are setbacks so the size and build of the apartment may vary from lot to lot.


Can I just convert my existing garage into a a ground level apartment?  


The answer is yes. They are called Granny Flats.


How far back from my house does the garage/laneway house need to be?

The Suite needs to be 16.5 ft from the house and can reach the maximum height of 13.2 ft.  

At 19.8 ft from the house the height increases to a maximum height of 24.75 ft. 


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